Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is what it's like inside my mind

I've tried to blog for the longest time but it's really hard so now I have like three different started posts that I have no intention of finishing in my repertoire of posts. There's that.

Last month I read Candide in a day and then wrote an analysis on it. That was fun. I don't remember what happened in that book because of the fact I read it so quickly.

This is a poem that was written for me on Valentine's Day:
Baby you have me spellstruck
Mostly your butt
Mostly all butts
You are a very cool person
I can’t think of any rhymes with person
I’ll Google it
Oh, worsen
That’s certainly what I’ve done to this poem
Here just have some flowers
I cannot write
My face is growing white
Thank goodness for Rhymezone
Sorry the only rhyme I could think of was bone

Thanks Claire.

In English we've started reading Romeo and Juliet and last year my friend Gaby and I wrote a rap about it (similar to the Christopher Columbus one... We rap about a lot of things.) All I want to do now is tell my English teacher that I can rap about it. It would certainly influence her nonexistent opinion of me.

Oh hey, I wrote a submission for the lessthanthreebooks thing that Hayley and Kristina are doing. I don't know how it'll go because I don't know how good it is but I think it would be really freaking cool if I got it.

The Adobe plugin crashed and now the pictures I was trying to upload to the yearbook site aren't going to be there and I'm sad.

My computer is broken again and so like the entire frame is cracked and sometimes it refuses to turn on for me. So that's nice. Except for my sister is hopefully going to give me her very very old Mac computer and I don't know what kind it is except for it's like six years old and we have to order a charger from the internet so that it'll work. But if it works at all better than this thing I'm using I will be forever grateful for everything.

Yeah, now I'm going to maybe do science homework.

xx D