Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games (I don't know what constitutes spoilers anymore)

I know, I promised a different post at the end of my last one but guys... Hunger Games.

Disclaimer: I slept for like four hours last night and am not really sure what's happening right now. Fair warning. Also probably mild spoilers. It depends on how you define spoilers.

Last night at 12:15 some of my friends and I went to see The Hunger Games. We all dressed up in like really sparkly outfits and had eyeliner all over our faces and people looked at us like we were crazy but it was great.

The movie started probably at about 12:30 but then didn't end until three in the freaking morning, so it was a little bit long for me, especially for me late at night, but The Hunger Games was one of those movies that I didn't even realize how long it was until we were walking out of the theatre and suddenly it was three. That's how intense and brilliant and great it was.

My experience with the movie was a lot different from that of the book. I didn't hate Katniss, for instance, and I really liked Peeta. He was funny and there was one scene where they're in the games and Katniss and Peeta are together and he goes, "I'll take the bow," and then they just look at each other for a moment before he states that he was just kidding. It's things like that that I think made the movie what it was. Little humorous things in the middle of the intense, bloody war.

Another thing about the movie was that I really liked Haymitch. He was just a fun character and a really fantastic actor. He just said things and no one was really sure why but then it made sense and it was really funny or touching or things. And the notes he left on the gifts from the sponsors... Just great.

Like I said, there was a lot of light little things that cut the intensity of it, but there were still parts that were positively terrifying. I was sitting in a row with four of my friends, and all of us except for one were clutching each others hands because we knew what was coming. It was like, there was a really out of nowhere loud noise and my friend squeezing my hand frightened me almost as much as the noise.

One of the things that I was concerned about going into the movie was the choice of actors. I hadn't seen any of them in anything except for Liam Hemsworth and to me he was always going to be that guy in The Last Song and that was a terrible movie. But they all really pulled it together and there was a point in the movie where they all became their character to me. For Katniss it was her volunteering, for Peeta it was when he was all "I want them to know that they don't own me," and for Gale it was at the reaping when he looked over at Katniss and just mouthed "It'll be okay." They all were their characters for me, and that was one of the best things of the movie for me.

This movie was good enough that I want to see it again right now. That may be in part because of the fact that I stayed up until almost five in the morning after the movie and have proceeded to forget a lot of little details about it, but it really was just fantastic.

There were a few little things that were pretty different, but none of it bothered me. Honestly, I think it was one of the best film adaptations of a book that I have ever seen. For me to not be sitting here nitpicking every little thing that was different is truly amazing.

Also, did anyone else realize that Peeta's name sounds like a person with an English accent saying Peter?

Until next time
xx D

Friday, March 9, 2012

Writer's block

Hey guys, do you remember me? No, you don't? Perfectly understandable. It's been a nice long month since we last talked. Why yes, I am writing this on my iPod again. So good of you to notice.

Well, in all actuality I've just lost the motivation to write. I don't have anything to say, no stories to tell. And that's always been my writing experience: writing because I need to. I don't need to anymore; I hardly want to. But here I am, forcing myself. And it feels good.

I've started a thing where, for the foreseeable future, I'll be writing one scene a day in a notebook. Maybe it'll be something when it's done and maybe not, but I need to push myself. Which is also why I'll probably be doing BEDA again this year, but in April rather than August. I may not though, but it was a thing I really enjoyed.

This was short, yes, but I'll be back soon with a post about personality types that I'm trying to write.

Until next time

xx D