Saturday, December 31, 2011

Obligatory reminiscing on 2011 post

When 2011 started, I was with my friends, running around a freezing cold neighborhood. But now, as it draws to a close, I'm not doing any of those things. I am sitting on a couch with my cat, reminiscing on the past year like any normal fourteen year old girl would. So, to condense the last year of my life in blog post form:
I spent almost the entire last day of my school year sitting in the journalism room with some of my closest friends.
I saw Deathly Hallows Part 2 at midnight.
I met Sarah Dessen with my best friend.
I played on a basketball team for the first time and failed. Miserably.
I stayed up until nearly four in the morning to get into Pottermore.
I was sorted into Hufflepuff.
I made a friend through the internet.
I discovered the world of YouTube and vlogging.
I participated in BEDA.
I performed in my last musical of junior high.
I wrote a novel.
I broke a computer. Twice.
I lost one of my closest friends.
I discovered the world of tumblr.
I started my freshman year of high school.
I became yearbook editor.
I met some awesome people through church camp.
I started this thing, where for some reason people read the crap I spew. Thanks guys. You really don't know what this means to me.
Until next time
xx D

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ramblings from my summer

This past summer, before I discovered that I could ramble toward an audience (of four) about my life, I rambled to a notebook that my friend Gaby decorated that is now falling apart. It wasn't a journal, per se, mostly just nonsense on a page.

I have an entire page, written at about midnight, dedicated to me thinking about what Hogwarts house I would be in. I'm not going to subject you to that horror. But, I am going to subject you to this:

"I think the house animal would be a bunny. Because they're cute, but vicious. No one would expect a Slytherclaw to be evil if their mascot was a bunny. The logic makes sense, I promise. [...] Hey, the motto could be always sleep with a hammer. [...] Welcome to the deterioration of my mind."

"I like rainbows. It's dark outside. I don't like dark. My neck hurts. I don't like that at all. I like Harry Potter. I also like balloons."

"I found so much when I cleaned my desk, or The Pit of Doom, as I like to call it."

"My owl is staring me down. I don't remember his name."

"I just broke a pen and now I have ink all over my hand and my sheets."

And my personal favourite here: "Just thought to myself, 'I believe in love the same way I believe in evil geniuses. Like, they're there, but not easy to come by.'"

I just... I don't... What.

In this notebook, there is also an entire page with just "From her" written in block letters at the top. Yeah.

Until next time

xx D

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hunger Games

I read the Hunger Games in the middle of last year, my eighth grade year, and I was immediately captivated. I remember sitting in math everyday reading instead of doing my homework. It was so intense, I actually couldn't read it before I went to sleep. It was that good.

When it was announced that a movie was being made from the books, I was ecstatic. Sure, movies from books aren't always good, but I was still so excited. I would spend time looking through people's "perfect cast" lists, trying to imagine who would be perfect for every role. But when the actual cast list was released, I was less than pleased. I had no idea who Jennifer Lawrence was and had never seen her in anything. Liam Hemsworth was forever burned in my mind as being in the God awful Last Song with Miley Cyrus, and I wasn't sure I would forgive him for it. I barely remembered Josh Hutcherson from The Bridge to Teribithia. I was not convinced, not at all. And when the teaser trailer was released, it was worse.

Tonight, however, made the movie version of the Hunger Games redeem itself in my eyes. I kept seeing gifs of the legit trailer on Tumblr, but I hadn't found the actual trailer anywhere. Then when I finally did, it was just complete magic. Every single scene was scintillating, the actors made the characters seem perfect, just like how I imagined them in the mere 2 minutes and 36 seconds of a trailer. I actually almost cried when I saw Katniss step in for Prim, and when I saw Gale carrying away a crying Prim. I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes for the entire 2 minutes and 36 seconds. It was incredible. I was ecstatic.

And now, here I am, rambling about the Hunger Games instead of writing my NaNoWriMo. Oops.

Word Count: 21, 111
Biggest accomplishment: making my 20,000th word be "guillotine"

Until next time
xx D

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Musicals and Junior High

Tonight was closing night of the musical I was in, Beauty and the Beast, and it was the last one I'll ever be in at the Junior High I'm currently at. It was sad, of course, as the ending of all shows are, and especially so because I wouldn't be in a musical at that school again. Mainly, it wasn't so much the school that I'll miss, but other things.
I'll miss sitting in the back hallway of the auditorium, doing homework and singing along with whatever song they were singing onstage.
I'll miss the mock "prayer circles" that my friend and I do either backstage or in the middle of the staircase, while everyone did a real prayer circle feet from us.
I'll miss the crappy girl's dressing room where half of the drawers won't open.
I'll miss playing Egyptian Rat Screw in the theatre room before shows, with about ten people crowded around a tiny desk, trying to slap into the game and screaming every time they missed something.
I'll miss blatantly defying my director's rules and talking backstage.
I'll miss helping my friend Geoff into his gigantic costumes and getting really frustrated because I couldn't do it properly.
I'll miss seeing my friends every day after school for extended periods of time.
I'll miss getting into a ridiculous costume.
I'll miss seeing my friends be absolutely hilarious onstage.
I'll miss pretending to help with mic check but actually just standing around and talking.
I'll miss watching my friend Rachel pin people into their costumes.
I'll miss dancing around during curtain call even though we were told not to.
I'll miss not being able to sit down anywhere because of my costume.
I'll miss performing on that stage.
I'm going to miss a lot of things about junior high, but that auditorium will be one of the biggest. Sure, I'm in both orchestra and choir, so I'll be able to perform on that stage several times before the year is over, and sure it's only November, but there's something about this night, something nostalgic, that is making me reminisce over these past three years, and miss so many things that I probably wouldn't miss otherwise. There's something so completely definite about this end that there's no way I will be able to shake the feeling that I'm missing something. It's something that people who haven't been in theatre or something of the sort before will never be able to understand. It's something that is unique to me and the people I enjoy being around. Now, I must go back to try to reach my word goal for the day on NaNoWriMo.
Until next time.
xx D

Friday, October 28, 2011

Procrastination x4

You all probably know that since nothing particularly interesting has happened in my life, this post is because I'm procrastinating. Yep, I have 155 pages of the Scarlet Letter to read plus an analysis about it to write before the first, but I really don't want to do it. Why? Because I have a tumblr, and a Facebook, and this blog, and I keep getting distracted. I would much rather start watching Doctor Who. But no, I had to be myself all month and procrastinate so that I had to do all my reading at the end. Oops.

In other news, I'm incredibly socially awkward and pretty cynical. Not that I didn't know this before, of course. I just went to Greek dance last night with people who I don't know at all because I don't go to church with them. That ended up with me standing around awkwardly, not knowing what to do. And I'm also generally shy around people I don't know, so that doesn't help. I do know one girl there though, and she's sweet and was very nice to me. But she's also a year older than me and knows everyone in the group, so that was not so fun.

And now I'm watching Twilight. Not because I like it, because I actually kind of loath it, but just because it's on. This is my life. I'm awkward and weird and will do anything to not have to do my homework. Oh Kristin Stewart, why must you have no emotion? Ever. Ugh. You know, sometimes people tell me that I look like Kristin Stewart. I don't take it as a complement. I also don't believe it's true. Oh I just don't understand. "Ice doesn't really help the uncoordinated!" No really, Bella Swan? God, your only character flaw is your clumsiness, you would assume that people would know that by now. Geez. Really, Robert Pattinson, you sound like you have a stutter. You weren't that bad during Harry Potter. And why do you guys keep having the same conversation over and over again?

...Maybe it isn't good for me to be watching Twilight...
Alright, I need to read. Until next time.
xx D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I was just perusing my blog late tonight, like two minutes ago, and noticed that I had two new members! So hi guys, how's it going?

In other news, I spent my Spanish class this morning outlining the plot of my NaNo novel with my friend Kate. She gave me some awesome ideas of what to add to my novel and things, so it was nice. I'm trying a mystery/horror novel this time, even though it's something I've NEVER tried before in all of my writing history, but I'm quite excited for it.

Also today, we had a "Drug and alcohol free" assembly at school, and 28 people were chosen to not speak for the entire day. And of course by my luck, I was one of them. But I also have absolutely zero school spirit and am generally defiant, so I spoke anyway. And then was yelled at by my vice principal for it. Oops.

Something else exciting about my life is that tomorrow I get to start Greek dancing again. So that will be fun. Except I don't really know any of the kids my age... Yeah.

So tomorrow I get to take like three different benchmark tests because the state of Utah hates happiness. That was my way of saying that I need to go get some sleep. Or read some Harry Potter. Depending.

Until next time
xx D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bringing out my crazy

So today I was walking to English like a regular person, making fun of one of my friends because of his hat because that's what I do. Then, I get to the door and there are clearly people inside the classroom, but the doors locked. So, being me, I started saying things along the lines of, "Oh hey door, thanks. I didn't want to go into the classroom anyway. Whatever." I also said this things maybe a bit louder than I should of. The rant toward the door elicited responses from both the aforementioned friend and some other person who was in my class that were along the lines of, "Are you just really upset at the door or something? Is it locked?" I'm not proud of that moment, guys. I just... Ugh.

Also, because I forgot to write it down today, today was awesome because my sister took me to lunch after our orthodontist appointments:)

Quote of the day (which is a new thing I'm starting that I'll probably forget about): Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself.

Until next time
xx D

Monday, October 17, 2011

Christopher Columbus, ranting, and awesome friends

Hey, look at who's so awesome at updating their blog! Yeah, I was talking about myself. What do you mean it's been almost two weeks since I've updated? Really? Almost two weeks? Oops.
Yeah, I know. Sometime I forget that blogging is a thing I do. And when I remember, I have absolutely no motivation to write them. But this blog is probably sick and tired of me yapping about how I haven't updated, so we're moving on.

I spent tonight writing 1,320 words on a new "novel" rather than doing my homework, which means that I have a Biology assignment that I haven't completed. But I really like my new novel idea, so that's good, right?
I also spent my Journalism class listening to my friend's slightly awful history with women today. He's fifteen. I'm not sure how he has that big of a bad record with girls, but whatever. That was why today was awesome, in case you were wondering.

Speaking of the Why Today is Awesome thing, I've kept doing it since BEDA ended, albeit slightly sporadically. I have a notepad in my locker that I write my reason for today being awesome in every day after school/ rehearsal. It keeps my days bright and generally confuses anyone who looks in my locker. So that's been nice.
So, I asked my friend Gaby to tell me what to blog about, so I'm blogging about how awesome she is. She really is awesome, even if she lives in a different city than me and I never see her anymore. She's still pretty awesome. And this one time, we wrote a rap about Christopher Columbus while I was trying to write a newspaper article. And then another time she summarised the entire plot of Romeo and Juliet in a rap. That was pretty good.
Christopher Columbus friggin' sailed the blue ocean
His big white ships put the ocean in motion.
He set sail in 1492
To travel to a place that no one had ever been to.
When he arrived, all these Indians appeared
With b-b-brown skin and hands filled with spears. 
His white men gave them diseases like small pox 
They were mad so they hit them with really big rocks!

Yeah. That's how the Christopher Columbus rap went. Sort of. I just kind of did that from memory because I don't actually have a copy of it. I'm also pretty sure that there's more to it.

And finally, once upon a time I kept a "journal" for my Journalism class. It was supposed to be for memories and things, but mine is filled with midnight ramblings from this past summer. The very first page of writing is from one of the first days of summer, and it's mostly me rambling about what Hogwarts house I'd be in. I think it's funny because I immediately ruled out Hufflepuff in that, but I actually am one. I'm proud of being a Hufflepuff, actually. I think the description fits me quite nicely.

In that notebook there's also a DFTBA page where I wrote the entire lyrics to the DFTBA rap and a list of reasons that I'm a nerd, written while I was staying up to get early entry into Pottermore. I'm pretty cool.

So yeah, I'm through with blogging for the day, because I must return to my homework duties or sleep. I'll try to update a couple of times before NaNoWriMo starts, but once the month of November begins I can't promise updates. Except for when I'm procrastinating, because that seems to happen incredibly awesome.

Until next time. 
xx D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Survey thingy

So on YouTube, there's a survey made by Alex Day that's circulating. Now, I don't make YouTube videos (yet) so I'm going to do it here. No one can stop me!

1) Tell us about your first kiss.
So, being fourteen and living in the state of Utah means that i haven't had my first kiss. I feel like that's enough explanation.

2) What is the most expensive casual item of clothing you've ever bought?
I actually couldn't tell you that. Mostly because I don't know the casual clothing items that I own. Or the clothing items I own...

3) What was the first job you ever wanted as a kid?
I actually believe that I wanted to be a fairy for part of my life. I also really wanted to be a teacher. Like, I have a letter to my 25 year old self from when I was like ten or eleven asking me if I was a teacher. I also really wanted to illustrate children's books before I realised that I have absolutely no artistic talent. I definitely don't want to be any of those now (except maybe a fairy.)

4) Tell us about your group of school friends.
I have very different groups of school friends. I'm in orchestra, journalism, and a theatre nerd, so I have all of my friends from those different places, along with my regular school friends.

5) What would you name your kids?
I don't really think of child names, I think more in terms of character names. And that right there shows me how much of a writer I actually am. Yep.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

That thing right there

So, uh, look at that. It's my blog. With two posts in the month of September, the most recent being obnoxiously rant-y and from two weeks ago. Sorry about that. In my defense, my computer did break mere days after that last post and I just got it back yesterday.

But hey, here I am, back and pretty much the same as ever! Procrastinating, lame, and me, all in the month of October! w00t! ...I think I spend too much time on the internet...

I'm not so procrastinate-y today, though. I'm actually writing this AFTER having written my first ever literary analysis. Except for I think I had math homework. Lots of math homework. That I have yet to do. At 8 'o clock on the night before it's due. Maybe I am especially procrastinate-y today. Oh hey, add having extremely short sentences to that list up there.

Really, my life has been pretty boring for the past month, except for a lot of homework and seeing the Lion King in 3D. I cried. ...and now the entire internet has access to that information. Way to go, self. Way to go.
So yeah, I am still alive, I promise. Still alive with my incredibly uninteresting life and very short blog posts. I'll be back soon, internet. Pinkie promise.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

*Glass shatter*

Everything that I do becomes a blog post. Everything. Even this stupid newspaper article I'm trying to write is seeming more like a blog post because I can't remember how to correctly format a newspaper article. BEDA ruined me. This blog ruined me. Newspaper ruined me.

I don't know why it is, but every single time I try to sit down and write this article, it ends up more and more blog-like. It stops being informative and begins to take on the shape of one of my ramblings about a general topic. Maybe I've always written articles this way and I've just noticed because I've started blogging.

*Sound of glass shattering.*

Yep, I've been ruined. I've been ruined by a passion for writing and a different outlet. Blogging every day for an entire month made me realise all of my writing flaws. It made me realise that I'm not good at writing informative articles or about anything important. Or maybe I am. I'm so disinterested in writing this article.

I'll try to write a less rant-y post later. Once I'm in a less rant-y mood. Or something.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm back, baby.

It's been a little over two weeks and as promised, I'm checking in. It's not that my life has suddenly become extraordinarily busy or anything, I just haven't wanted to post. And after that post filled month last month, I needed a break. But here I am today, watching old So You Think You Can Dance auditions, tumblring, and following Hayley G Hoover's 21st birthday live tweet party. I'm not, however, writing the article for newspaper that I should have finished during class nor am I even attempting any of my homework. I regret nothing.

The past two weeks haven't been particularly eventful, besides my being nice and sick for five or so days. I auditioned for my musical on the last day of BEDA, and while I'm just part of the chorus that audition did get me into my school's show choir, which was exciting. We had our first practise yesterday, which is the first of like four in the next two months because of preparation for the musical. I feel like it will be a nice way to keep me busy and whatnot.

I'm also doing some deep preparations for NaNoWriMo (read: trying to think up some concept of something to write about.) The first day of NaNoWriMo, however, marks the start of the last two weeks of rehearsal for this musical, so I'll be at the school until late late at night. That should be a fun time to try and write 1,666 words every day. It's one of those things, though, that I'm so determined to do even if I can't finish. Because that's the kind of person I am.

I've noticed over the past couple of weeks since I've blogged that not only do I miss it a lot when I don't do it, but I also create posts in my head. Not that they stay there long enough to get posted or anything. I'm not THAT talented. I've also noticed that I just have completely stopped caring about anything that other people think. And I will thank my blogging for that, for whatever reason.

But yeah, I'll see what I can do to update a little more frequently, if I can. I really should probably try to start my newspaper article at this time. Or just watch more dancing. That could work too. Until next time.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh, last day of BEDA, how you decieve me

(Edit: I definitely forgot to say why this day was awesome. I got to see my friends. It made everything better.)

I had this thing where during my Hello Day assembly today I practically live blogged it, but it wasn't on a blog, and or on the internet, and I was like, "Yeah, this'll be a great last BEDA post." But now, looking over it, I realise that it makes little to no sense and half of it is all jumbled up because I was writing in the dark.

I thought today would be this really awesome day, but it wasn't, and I really don't want to talk about it, so putting this crap behind me, I'd like to write a half way decent blog post for today.

Even if my day was overall kind of crappy, I did have some good moments. I'm proud of how I did in my audition, and I got to see some friends I haven't seen in a while. I made these friends in Journalism last year, and they've moved onto high school. I sat outside of the choir room where I auditioned talking to them for like half an hour after I was done. It was nice, and it made me happier. That was nice.

So basically, I started this blog mainly to rant about how much my neighbors were annoying me, but now it's so much more. Through the course of this month, I've become a better writer and a better storyteller. This blog has been an outlet and fun to write, even if it was a hassle. I intend on keeping it up regularly, even just for myself.

Turns out, I really like blogging. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I started this, and I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I did.

So this is my goodbye to August and blogging every day and warm weather and everything. But I'll still update, and will still blog semi-regularly. And I promise I'll continue to do things like this. I'm sure you'll all be thrilled. (No, just me?)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today is awesome because my sister made mint chocolate brownies, and they are delicious. Also, I somehow convinced my newspaper teacher to write an article for this months edition about vlogging.

I'm really literally writing this blog while eating a quesadilla and translating Spanish verbs. That's the amount of procrastination I've had happening today. Turns out it's really hard to eat and type at the same time. Hm. You would think that it would be easier.

My audition is tomorrow, for Beauty and the Beast, and I'm pretty nervous. I'm kind of an awful singer, but I'm excited and it will be fun. I feel like I've said this exact same sentence a thousand ways in the past month. Oh well.

Now comes the part of the blog where I share REAL quotes from REAL people on Facebook. REALLY.
"Politics are stupid." Oh really? Are politics stupid? Well hey, why don't you come up with a new way for us to choose our leaders and then get back to me.
"It's raining!!" Is it? Is it raining? Thanks for the update.
"I hate seventh and eighth graders." That's funny, because by my last check, you've been both of those.  
"Hm. You would think that eating, typing and doing Spanish homework all at the same time would be easier than it is..."
Yeah fine. Maybe that last one was me.
And so ends the part of the blog where I steal ideas from Hayley G Hoover's videos and slightly change them!

Also, speaking of things happening tomorrow, (which I did, I promise. It's just up there!) it's the last day of this wonderful think that could be called BEDA. I don't really have anything planned for the last post of my first ever BEDA, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. And if all else fails, I'll just share the stupid things people on my Facebook say.

I've started spilling the water I'm drinking on myself, and I feel like that means I'm no longer coherent enough to blog. So until tomorrow.

Monday, August 29, 2011

BEDA 29: Game night and Hufflepuffs

Today is awesome because I got into Pottermore. And I had dinosaur chicken nuggets. It's been an awesome day.

Like I said, I was let into Pottermore today as a nice surprise when I got home from school. After much anticipation and nerves and weirdness, I finally got myself sorted. And to my surprise, it was into Hufflepuff. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hufflepuff. In fact, I think it's the least appreciated and most made fun of house. So being sorted in there surprised me. I've considered myself a Ravenclaw for as long as I can remember. But you know what? JK Rowling sorted me into a Hogwarts house. I'm happy.

Pottermore definitely wasn't what I expected, though. I don't know what I thought, but I like it a lot. I get to experience every chapter of the story of Harry Potter first hand. Like, looking into Number Four Privet Drive, or experiencing the Hut on the Rock. It's kind of incredibly amazing, and I love it.

My wand is 10 inches, Sycamore with a Unicorn tail core and it is surprisingly swishy. I'm not sure in the slightest what kind of magic it's good for, but it's all mine and I love it. That's how I feel about Pottermore. I don't care that my wand isn't pretty, I don't care that I was sorted into a different house than I expected. I'm a wizard, guys. I love it.

Now onto the part of this post I was planning on writing...

Last night my family had a kind of "game night." Really, it consisted of my three sisters, the boyfriend of one of those sisters, my father, and myself playing Cranium. I was on a team with my dad, and despite me being an awful blind drawer, we won. Somehow I was an unusually good roller, and so we just hopped from brain to brain on the board until we were at the end. It's always nice to win, although the one game round took an hour and a half.

I ended up only playing that one round of Cranium for game night, because I had an early school morning this morning and the round ended at like eleven. I fell asleep that night, however, listening to the thunderstorm outside my window and the sound of people playing Scattergories outside my door.

All in all, yesterday was a good day. And today was also. I'm pretty pleased with life right now.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today is awesome because I'm blogging instead of finishing my Bio homework. Yay for procrastination! Edit: In the time it took to write this blog, I finished said homework. So that's why today is awesome.

So, I've been thinking about the early memories that I have, and I was actually considering making a video about it but I'm really bad at that. So here I sit blogging.

I have a really strange assortment of memories from when I was very young, and there aren't many of them. The ones I do have, however, are really really odd.

I remember, very vividly, might I add, the day that they showed my class around the kindergarten classroom, and the bathroom that was in said classroom. I don't want to talk about it.

That my first field trip was at the end of kindergarten and it was bowling.

A birthday party I went to that was in the backyard of my best friends house. And EVERYTHING about that backyard.

That I was in an "advanced" reading group in first or second grade and that the book we read was Matilda. I do not, however, remember anything about that book.

Reading the WORST book I've ever read about a kid who was afraid of the ocean because his mother drowned or something and so he set out on an oceanic journey with like a dog and a bird or something to prove he wasn't a wimp. I don't remember the name though.

My third grade teacher trying to get me to read Tom Sawyer. And refusing.

Being so pissed at the end of Deathly Hallows, and that it took me five days to read because I kept stopping because I got sad and put it in the freezer. I'm also pretty sure I ended up throwing my copy of Deathly Hallows at the end of it.

Reading A Great and Terrible Beauty even though my sister told me not to, and loving it.

Reading The Sweet Far Thing (the last in that trilogy ^) and crying at the end. And putting it in the freezer.

Playing on the playground of my first elementary school with my best friends.

My sister getting her first iPod, and all of my sisters being really excited while I had no idea what it was.

Looking into the cage of my sister's bird right after we moved and finding it dead.

Somehow keeping my gerbil alive for like seven years.

Army crawling under the bottom bunk in the room I shared with my sister to get my cat so she wouldn't eat said gerbil.

Surprising my sisters with two little kittens when they got home from school.

"Homework hour," where I ended up sneaking out of my room for books and snacks once I was done with homework.

My big sister reading the fourth Harry Potter book with me.

Taking a test that put me in the gifted program.

Being the youngest in that gifted program and trying to quit by hiding when the time to go for it came.

Loving that gifted program but only being in it for a year.

Making stress balls out of balloons and sand found on the playground.

Looking down on the city I was leaving and realising I'd probably never live there again.

Thinking a kid in my class was soo cool because he could do long division.

Realising that long division wasn't that hard.

Staying after school to help make the set for my fourth grade musical.

Spending pretty much every waking hour of my fourth grade year working on that musical.

Having my fourth grade student teacher correct my grammar incorrectly. Hence the hat covers it.

Getting my first cell phone and then promptly dropping it.

Getting into my first real fight with my best friend.

Realising that while I said early memories, I've actually covered up to about the fifth grade.

Until tomorrow.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

BEDA 27: A letter to 19 year old me

Today is awesome because I almost finished a picture I've been colouring.

I was thinking earlier about how I'd react when I read this blog in five years time. I imagine I'll be ashamed/embarrassed about what I'm writing and how I'm writing it. But I also hope that in five years time I'm pretty much how I am now. Nerdy, and erratic, and weird. I imagine that this will be my best source of memories from this time in my life. And I know that even if I'm ashamed and embarrassed about what this all says, I'll appreciate having it. And I hope that in five years time I'm still doing this.

So hey, 19 year old self. Yeah, that is a pretty arbitrary age, but still. Presumably you're at university somewhere. Hopefully in a different state. Probably in a different state. Maybe you've started vlogging, which is something I desperately want to do but am hopelessly clueless at. Hopefully you've made it through three years of high school without having any mental breakdowns. That would be nice.

I wonder if this blog will even be here in five years. I hope it will. I hope that when I'm 19 I'll still spend my time colouring, and spelling things like I'm British even though I'm very clearly American. I hope my procrastination levels have been lowered at least a little bit, and that I still spend excessive amounts of time watching YouTube videos.

I really wish this could be a two way conversation. I'd really like to know what you're up to, 19 year old self. Because all I know right now is that at fourteen you were awkward and nerdy. Honestly, you probably haven't changed too much. 

Basically, right now I'm happy. I'm as awkward as they come, and I often don't know how to conduct myself in social situations, but I'm happy. I have good friends and a roof over my head. There isn't too much more I can ask for. And in five years, I hope I'm the same way.

Friday, August 26, 2011

BEDA 26: I'm THAT girl

Today is awesome because it's Friday and I don't have to go back to school for a couple days.

So, I realized today that I'm always THAT girl. If that makes any sense. Like, during Spanish instead of paying attention to the listening activity thing, I was studying for my English test. Yeah, that's how cool I am. I'm also the one who, when walking down a near empty hallway, will dance instead of walk. I also sometimes during Biology will just start dancing. I don't know why. I don't know why Biology is the class that I do that in. Um... Yeah.

I've finally started practising for my audition after being reprimanded by my older sister. I'm not much of a singer, but I really hope I get something. I'm also trying for my school's show choir which I want to make after having been like the only person rejected last year. That was fun. I'm also still trying to find a freaking monologue, because I'm that good at life.

Blogging every day =/= interesting content. Apologies.

Gotta go do some Bio homework. I know I won't do it over the rest of the weekend. Til tomorrow.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today is awesome because I got to eat a tootsie pop as part of a Biology lab.
My sprinklers started going five minutes ago reminding me that it is in fact seven and I haven't studied for the test I have tomorrow, I haven't finished my Spanish homework, and I haven't finished my math homework. I also haven't written a blog post. So here goes my attempting at being slightly productive.
My English class is proving to be pretty tough, which makes sense because it is an honours class. I just got my list of books I can read for my literary analysis every month and they're books like The Canterbury Tales and Anna Karenina. It's freaking intimidating, but I'm going to do it, and I'm going to do it well. Those are my promises to myself.
I'm currently in the process of doing Spanish, studying for my English test, writing the blog post, and watching Boy Meets World. Although I'm not the best multitasker, so it's mostly watching TV. But then again, translating the verb "querer" isn't the most fun. I am, however, a boss at conjugating verbs. Which is all I need to do for an entire page of this assignment, so that's nice.
I really have the most boring life. I wake up, I go to school, I try to pay attention in the obnoxious heat of said school, I come home, I do homework, I watch YouTube videos. Sometimes I Zumba, sometimes I play guitar, but mostly it's just the same routine day after day. It's not really a blog-worthy lifestyle.
But I'm a writer. It's what I do. So even if my life is boring, blogging is something I like. And that's why I do it. Until tomorrow. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today is awesome because I sat and had a conversation with my big sister for the first time in a while. Oh, and it's John Green's birthday.
Today was my third day of school, which really isn't exciting. I haven't decided how I feel about school, except that I don't like Spanish. But nobody really likes Spanish, so I guess that's it.
My musical audition is in exactly a week, the same day BEDA ends. I still don't have a monologue, which could be problematic, but eh. I know I'll come up with something, and if I don't then I have sort of a back up plan. All I know is that rehearsal is fun and so is performing, so I don't really care what happens.
Do you ever have those moments where you know you need to write, but just have no ideas? Yeah, that happens to me every single day, especially when I have a deadline. Every time I need to sit down and write a newspaper article, I just draw a blank. And most days this month have been exactly that same way. It seems like I can write something decent until I need to. I also feel like the entire month of November when I try to win NaNoWriMo will be that same way. I imagine I would feel the same with vlogging, but in a different way. I really want to try it, I just have to somehow introduce the idea to people in my life.
I found this new game through iGoogle called Flood-it which I am officially addicted to. I'm also terrible at it. But I just accidentally clicked something while trying to translate Spanish and I found it. My win percentage is 11%. I don't want to talk about it.
I get placed in orchestra sometime soon, which I'm nervous about. I've never been the best player, and I'm worse when it's just me by myself. I also feel like I'm going to be placed with all the younger kids which I'm nervous about. Apparently I get nervous easily. I've learned that in the past few years, since starting junior high. I've also rediscovered my love for writing. And that makes it all worthwhile. Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BEDA 23: Why today is awesome

Today is awesome because...
Those four words are one of the reasons I fell in love with fiveawesomegirls. So for the last week of BEDA, all of my posts will be proceeded with those four words. And once this project is over, I'm going to keep a notebook full of why my day was awesome. I feel like it would increase my outlook on life, and that's what I need right now, especially with school having just started.
That being said, my day today was awesome because school didn't suck. I like the majority of my teachers and I have friends in all my classes. I mean, sure, I have to carry around four different notebooks because my teachers require them, but still. It's weird being back, and it's weird not having infinite amounts of time to do whatever I want, but it doesn't suck. So that's nice.
My classes seem hard but not terrible, and I've already Google Translate-ed my way through a Spanish assignment, so I'm sure that means I'm off to a good start. It would be nice if I was in legit high school, but it's okay I guess. My math class is already pretty easy, but I'm not sure how it'll go seeing as I'm not a fan of my teacher.
I really don't have any other things to talk about in this blog today, and I still need to finish my Spanish. So until tomorrow, with hopefully more awesome days.

Monday, August 22, 2011

BEDA 22: Where I actually blog

I promised a couple of days ago to inform you of the events of that day and why I sometimes refuse to blog. And I had planned to yesterday, but I forgot all about blogging until I was on my way to bed. And I wanted to sleep more than I wanted to blog. The post I posted yesterday was something that I had written about a month ago, and hadn't posted until now, in case you were wondering.
Sometimes I open up a new post on this blog and just sit and stare. And eventually something will come out, but it is just crap. And I don't want to post something that sucks, especially because I plan to keep these posts somewhere on the internet until the internet fails me. And I don't want something I'm not proud of to mar the rest of the month of blogging.
That being said, I now move on to the events of Sunday. Saturday? I think it was Saturday. But either way, I went to a wedding that day. Not someone who I knew very well, but it was pretty and they fed me. And like all Greek parties, there was lots of dancing and it went on until the wee hours of the morning. I hadn't expected to even write a post that day, but I clearly was able to.
Now that I've completed that promise, I shall move on to the events of today. Like I've said many times, I started school today, for about the tenth time. Nothing exciting, just teachers going over classroom rules that we all already understand. But I got to see some friends for the first time in three months, so that was nice. I'm really just over school. And it's only the first day. Spectacular, right?
Well, I need to write an essay and finish watching the top 15 dances of the first 5 seasons of So You Think You Can Dance. Til tomorrow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

BEDA 21: This Star Won't Go Out

I've recently become more involved, if you can say that, in the YouTube community. Within the first few months I've created my channel, commented my first comment, posted my first video, and got my first subscriber. And in that time I have watched an alarming amount of videos. From February of this year I've watched all of Charlie Mcdonnell's videos, Alex Day's videos, Kristina Horner's videos, Hayley Hoover's videos, the five awesome girl's videos, the vlogbrother's videos, played all of the Truth or Fails, and so much more. But within the past couple of weeks I've become more informed about This Star Won't Go Out. TSWGO is the foundation formed around Esther Earl. It is a non-profit foundation serving families with children diagnosed with life-threatening cancer and being treated in the Boston area. And the charity isn't what inspired me the most. Esther's story is. Esther was a sixteen year old girl with thyroid cancer who managed to still stay positive about life. She continued to make videos on the internet despite her condition. She was part of the effyeahnerdfighter tumblr. She lived her life as much as she could under the circumstances.
Esther inspires me in so many ways. I've been through a lot as my fourteen year old self, but never as much as her. And the way she just kept smiling makes me want to just keep smiling. She inspires me in a way I never thought I would be inspired by someone I've never met or talked to. She's changed me in a way I never thought anyone would be able to, let alone someone I don't know. So Rest In Awesome, Esther.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

BEDA or something

I had intended on updating with a real blog today, I really did. But I'm tired, it's 11:30 and I had a plan for a blog that would have taken a little bit longer than thirty minutes to write. So this is what I get. Moving swiftly on...
I start school in two days, and I really don't want to. Simple as that. I have plans for what I'm going to do to the newbies in my journalism class because I'm an editor. I think I'm going to freak them out a bit, because I'm a bit abrasive. And really weird. But at least I acknowledge that, right? Yeah... But that's the one class I'm really excited for, honestly. Ninth grade is that weird stage where I'm kind of in high school, but not really. And I have to take Biology, which means that I'll have to dissect something. I don't want to do that.
There was going to be more to this post, but I've been procrastinating writing it and now it's five minutes til midnight and I need to post this. Or I'll fail for the fourth time. Coming tomorrow: Why I sometimes refuse to post and the events of today.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

BEDA: Day something

I have no desire to write a blog post today. None at all. But then again, I also have no desire to do anything except sit exactly where I am and watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother. Today = productive.
So, school starts for me on Monday. That's kind of exciting but not really. Maybe I'll write a blog post about that later. If I continue with this.
On that note, I'm really bored of blogging every day. I feel like it all seems so sloppy and stupid and I don't sound like I could if I didn't have to squeeze out a blog post every single day. I know I could create better things than what I'm putting out this month. And I still haven't really mentioned this to my dad. Any suggestions on how to do that? Leave them in the comments!
I have a lot of sleep to catch up on before school starts, and a lot of YouTube videos. If I don't start sleeping reasonable amounts school and I are not going to get along. So with that, I think I want to change the layout of this blog and maybe go to sleep. Yes, that train of thought made sense. No, I'm not going to explain it.
Until tomorrow, or something.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BEDA: Day 17

I've moved around so much in these past years. Not only houses, but schools and friends and lives. It's gotten to a point where I feel like I've gotten so comfortable where I am that I need a change. That I need to start over. I've been at the school I'm at now for two years, and this will be my third. I've kept my friends for longer than I really have before.
I've spent more time being the new girl than being someone established. But it's never really bothered me. I always liked that sense of being different, being the one to intrude on the lives that people have established, the one who hasn't been with everyone sense kindergarten. But now that I know that I'm going to be in the same district and with most of the same people until I graduate, it changes things. I don't know how to be in the same place for so long.
For the past year I've been thinking about college and things, and I've known that I'll be the one of my siblings to leave our home state. But I've gotten comfortable here. I have friends who I see regularly, and I nice house and am surrounded constantly by family. And while I've always liked being different, I like this too.
One of my friends is leaving the house she's lived in all her life and the school she's always gone to and the friends she's had, and she's scared. It's been my life for so long that I've forgotten that other people don't want to leave.
I'd like to think of it as my life having chapters. When I started the seventh grade in a new, scary school, the chapter of my life before it hadn't quite ended. It wasn't until I realized that I would never again be friends with the person I had considered my best friend for so long that that chapter ended. And it wasn't until I read Kayley's post yesterday that this last chapter in my life had ended also.
So really, I don't know where my home is. I mean, technically, the place I'm sitting now is my home. But it's also been so many other places. I don't know. Maybe the fun is in finding out.
Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BEDA: Day 16

I always think it's really funny when people post those, "Like this and I'll tell you..." posts on Facebook, because the questions are like: "Name. Are you ugly? Do I like your profile picture," and stuff like that. And I'm over here going, really? I need you to tell me what my name is? And like, who would say yeah, you are ugly to someone they're friends with. It just never really makes any sense to me. Ever.

I also think that it's funny when people post things like, "I believe in God," as their status. It's like, do you seriously need to verify your religion to the whole of your internet friends? Why is it something that you have to out and just say on Facebook? Oh Facebook, why do you make people say such ridiculous things? Come on.

Also, on a different note, I'm not sure what superhero I would be if I could be any superhero. I know that I would want to fly. I actually think that I would rather be a wizard than a superhero. Because wizards can like do magic. Wow, that was an awesome sentence. Wizards can do magic. I'm so smart. But yeah, I think I would rather be a wizard. Because along with flying on brooms, you can do things like own a hippogriff and ride him, or transform into some random animal that doesn't really make a lot of sense. Really J.K. Rowling, you could pick any animal and you chose to make James Potter turn into a stag? Come on. So yeah, I would want to be a wizard.

And on that note, I want to talk about Pottermore. (Such smooth transitions, I know.) I haven't gotten in yet, and I'm jealous of those who did, but there has been a lot of talk on like tumblr and places about the fear of being really sorted into a real Hogwarts house. Now, I've always been a Ravenclaw myself, but I think that I would be happy with any of the houses. Except Gryffindor. I think I would be kind of upset if I was a Gryffindor. I also think that by saying that I just jinxed myself and now I'm going to be sorted into Gryffindor. But it's not that Gryffindor is a bad house or anything, I've just never identified with any of the Gryffidor traits. I'm not brave or anything, and I certainly don't fit into the "daring, nerve, and chivalry" column of that either. But no matter what, I'm just going to answer the questions as honestly as I can and accept whatever house I get put in as my own.

And so, without further ado, I must end this blog for the night. Until tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

BEDA: Day 15 or something

There are things that I want to say, but I just spent the entire day at an amusement park and I'm tired. And I'm not thinking straight, and the Glee Project is distracting me. Seriously, I can't even form coherent thoughts. That seems to happen a lot to me... Hm.
School starts a week from today for me, so that sucks. But I'm kind of excited. A little. Geez, how redundant can I be? I seriously have nothing else to say. So to make up for this crap that I'm posting today against my better judgment, here's a picture of a cat.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

BEDA: Day 14

So, I've still been tossing around the idea of vlogging, because I think it would be really fun. And it would be a way to meet nerdfighters and people who are interested in the things I am. But all my life the whole, "don't share too much on the internet" thing has been beaten into my head time and time again. No one in my family knows I'm blogging. No one in my family knows what vlogging is. I just really really want to explain it to them and have them accept it. Because vlogging is a lot harder to keep from someone than blogging. I mean, there's the whole talking to yourself for extended periods of time. But I feel like I should at least share the fact that I'm blogging before I share the vlogging thing. I just don't know how it would be received, especially by my sisters or my friends. Yes, this was just me thinking aloud for an entire paragraph that probably should have been more than one paragraph. Whatever.

I don't really have anything else to say for today. Writers block has officially set in, so until tomorrow, I suppose.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

BEDA: Day 13- Pokemon

Much of my day today has consisted of trying to memorize the Pokerap. Like, the rap of the original 150 Pokemon that they would share at the end of each episode. Yeah, I'm probably the coolest person I know. So far I have the first verse, which is 16 Pokemon, so I still have 134 to go. Which seems like a lot, but I will conquer this challenge.

Electrode, Diglett, Nidoran, Mankey
Venosaur, Rattata, Fearow, Pidgey
Seaking, Jolteon, Dragonite, Gastly
Ponyta, Vaporeon, Polywrath, Butterfree!

From memory, guys. From memory. Also, if you were wondering, I had to pull out the calculator on my computer to subtract 16 from 150. I'm just that smart.

While we're talking about Pokemon, I actually just finished playing through Silver. I didn't like it as much as I liked Blue, which is my favorite, but it was pretty fun. I had to cheat my way through it, and it took me like three months, but I finally finished. And I was proud of myself. Because I greatly like Pokemon. It's one of the things that makes me the nerd I am. I actually just played the Pokemon edition of Truth or Fail instead of finishing this post. But I don't want to talk about my results, okay?

On a much different note, I would like to thank Kathy, who was my first (and only) follower for always leaving sweet comments on my posts. They make me happy and remind me that there is, in fact, someone reading the crap that I spew in these posts.

So, I think that's all for today, I need to go back to trying to find an extremely short monologue!

Until tomorrow.
xx D

Friday, August 12, 2011

BEDA: Day 12

I write because I love it.
Because coming back to something I've started is like greeting an old friend.
Because I can say whatever I want without being judged.
I write because it's the only way I know how to express myself.
Because no matter what, my writing isn't going to tell me I'm not good enough.
Because it takes my mind off of everything.
Because I don't need to share what I write with other people.
I write because it gives me options.
I write because it's something I've done since I was a little kid.
Because it's something I'm good at.
Because it gives me a reason to lie and make things up.
I write because I have something to say.

Writing is something I've always loved in life. It's something that I can be proud of. My writing might not be as good as other people's. It might not be fantastic, and I sometimes give up halfway through something. But whenever I come back, it's the same. Sometimes, I feel like writing is all I know. That's why I've started this project, and that's why I'm determined to finish it. I know that as I progress through this project I'll get better at writing, and that's my goal.

I know that these past couple of blogs have been sappy and weird, but that's how I've been feeling lately. I can promise that the regularly scheduled blogs that don't make a lot of since will return tomorrow.
Until then!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BEDA: Day 11

I will always remember 2011 as the year of firsts. I know, it's only August, but I've had so many firsts so far this year. I went to my first book signing, where I had Sarah Dessen sign a copy of my sister's book to my name. I went to my first concert, then saw one of my favorite bands live. I watched my first vlogbrothers video, which subsequently changed my life. I read Looking For Alaska for the first time, and spent a good portion of time by myself, bawling in my bedroom. I made my YouTube channel, and uploaded my first video which was like a 16 second video response to Kristina Horner's thank JK Rowling video. I created this blog, without knowing anything about blogging, then started BEDA for the first time a month later. I got obsessed with YouTube. I played on a basketball team for the first time, and lost miserably. I realized for the first time that my best friend and I would probably never be friends again. I went to my first midnight movie premiere with that friend. I listened to my first wizard rock song. I stayed up until four in the morning, live blogging my attempt to get into Pottermore on a Facebook fan page that I'm the admin of. I'm looking forward to doing NaNoWriMo for the first time this November. And I'm excited for all of the firsts I'll come to experience in the rest of the year. Hopefully I'll get to see John Green this next January when he tours for his new book. I hope to get my first real role in a school musical.

So why am I sitting here at 11:08 at night talking about firsts when I had a perfectly good blog post for today already written? Tonight I saw one of my favorite bands of all time live, which was my second concert ever. And the entire time I was thinking about how this was the first time I had done that, which led to me thinking of all of the other firsts I've had this year. Sure, I've never had my first kiss, but some of these things are so much better than I could even imagine. Had I known on January 1st of 2011 that in the next year I would discover and become obsessed with vlogging, that I would prefer musicians that I've discovered through Youtube to regular musicians, that I would consider myself to be a proud Nerdfighter, I would think that that was crazy. Had I known that I would be teaching myself guitar or that I would have done something as crazy as attempting to blog every single day in the month of August, I wouldn't believe it. But here I am now, doing every one of those things, and I am more comfortable with myself than I have ever been in the past. I'm not sure who I have to thank for this, really. Whether it be my friend for posting a charlieissocoollike video on Facebook, Charlie for introducing me to vlogging and the vlogbrothers, or the vlogbrothers for making me realize that I am a nerd and I am proud of it, it's really all the same. I know who I am more than I ever have, and really, that's the best gift I could have been given over the course of this year. So sure, this was long, and sappy and probably one of the most coherent blogs I've ever posted. But it was everything that I desperately needed to say but never could before. Everything that none of my friends would understand. This is why I love blogging.

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BEDA Day 10: What.

So every time I'm doing something, even if it's extremely far for blogging, if I haven't written my blog post for the day I immediately think, "Crap, I have to write a blog." So there's no way I'm going to forget to write a blog post. But I haven't had time or patience until now, so you get my oh crap, I'm half asleep and getting distracted by Pretty Little Liars blog today. W00t!
Before I get into my legit blog for today, I want to address one thing. I got my first follower! So thank you Kathy (that is your name, right?) for following me! Yayy!
Like I said before, I've been extremely busy today. Nothing interesting, except I did register for school and get my schedule, so that was nice. Although registering made me realize exactly why I wish I was no longer in junior high. Giggly cheerleaders running through the hall, them not letting me go to my locker because of "construction," etc. But going through this year will get me into high school, and my family insists that I'm going to love high school. So that's nice, I suppose.
Just after I finished my blog for yesterday, my sister came home with her friend and made me watch Waiting For Forever, which I ended up loving. We also watched P.S. I Love You, which is fantastic as well. So it turned into a watch depressing movies night, but it was nice because I never get to see my sister anymore. We ended up going to the grocery store between movies and got like three miniature pies and a box of egg rolls, which was probably one of the weirdest food combinations I've ever purchased. But like I said, it was a nice time, if a bit weird.
On a different note, I got my e-mail telling me that I would for sure be part of the Beta testing for Pottermore this morning. It wasn't the welcome e-mail, which sucked, but I think that one is on its way. I've been obsessively checking my e-mail waiting and waiting to get into Pottermore, but alas, no luck. I'm just really excited, although I have no freaking idea what Pottermore will entail. I know it'll be fun, though.
Recently, I've been thinking more and more about vlogging or video blogging. I think it would be something that I would be really interested in and would just be a lot of fun, but there are three things holding me back. 1) I'm absolutely terrible at editing. Seriously, Windows Movie Maker, why do you suck so much? I just can't seem to make it work, and I know that if I can't edit, my vlogs will suck. I also have no access to any editing software other than Movie Maker.
2) I don't know how to tell my parents. I'm fourteen, so I know that vlogging would be a decision I would have to include my family in, but I don't know how. My dad has no idea that I watch videos online, or even what a nerdfighter is. I'm also like 99.99% sure that he's never heard the terms "nerdfighter" or "vlog," and I'm not sure how to explain them, while making the idea of me vlogging sound good.
3) I'm afraid no one will watch. I don't want to make videos and have them just be watched by me. But this last point doesn't bother me too much. I started this blog with no one knowing that I was doing it, and now I have my first follower. I also have three whole subscribers on YouTube, so at the very least I think they'll watch.
This blog made absolutely no sense when read as one single blog. I feel like there's a word for that, but it's escaping me. So how was this for a disjointed, erratic blog? Are all of my blogs like this? I feel like all of my blogs are like this.
Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BEDA: Day 9?

Lalalala oh hi there blog. How are you? What? What do you mean someone might be reading this? Well then hi there reader. I hope your day is going swell. I'm in a weird mood, so that might explain the weird opening. But then again, I'm kind of always like that. I don't feel like making a real blog today. But I've already missed two of thirty one days, and I'm not going to miss more. Because I'm trying to keep the promise to myself that I'll do this.
It's, what, the ninth? That means that the first day of my freshman year of high school is less than two weeks away. Not that I'll be a legit freshman. I'll be trying to stick out my last year in a junior high with a crap theatre department and extremely small yearbook staff. Not that I'm complaining, really. I get to be editor of my yearbook and will hopefully have a role in my musical. Hopefully. So, I'm just as excited for my ninth grade year as I am dreading it.
I never know what to put in these blogs. Not really. I don't know how much I should divulge, or even who's reading it. I don't know how long to make it, or what I have to talk about. I'm hoping that throughout the next month I'll get better at that. Maybe that's my goal with this whole BEDA thing. I don't know. Well, I'm off to watch whatever movie my sister is making me watch. Until tomorrow.

Monday, August 8, 2011

BEDA: 8, maybe?- Pottermore

I didn't post yesterday. That's pretty obvious. I didn't have any inspiration to write at all, and I was having one of those days. I wasn't planning on posting today either, honestly. BEDA has gotten tedious and boring and hard, and that's not how I want my writing to be. I can't force myself to write, and that's probably why this has been hard. But in Hayley Hoover's BEDA post today she did a survey about Pottermore. I thought that would be a fun post for today, and I didn't want to get too far behind with my posting. So here goes:

  1. What's your Pottermore username? EchoBlade182
  2. What House do you think it sounds like? Probably Slytherin? It sounds edgy and stuff.
  3. What House do you want to be in? Ravenclaw. It's always been Ravenclaw. Out of all the houses, I've identified with them the most. If Pottermore tries to put me elsewhere, I'm not sure what I would do.
  4. Does your username relate to you at all? Not at all. I was excited and exhausted and that one sounded pretty freaking awesome
  5. What kind of wand would you wish to get? A short, pretty one. Something good for charmwork, I would think.
  6. Are you pure, half-blooded or Muggle born? I'm pretty sure I'm a half-blood
  7. Which day did you get into Pottermore? Day 2!!
  8. What shape is your Patronus? A fox, bunny, or an owl, probably. If you asked me to explain, I wouldn't be able to. Not in the slightest.
  9. What does your boggart look like? Maybe like Mrs. Weasley's-- the death of someone close to me. Or like Hermione's, failure. I'm not sure though. I try not to dwell on the things that I'm afraid of.
  10. Would you rather be an Animagus or a Metamorphmagus? Tough one, but I'd probably go with Metamorphmangus. It would be more useful
  11. If you were an Animagus, what animal would you be? I would want to be a cat or a dog, probably. But if I'm being realistic, I'd probably be a mouse.
Another short post, I know. I need to go obsessively check my e-mail again, so I'll catch you tomorrow! Maybe...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

BEDA: Day 6

I don't want to blog every day anymore. It's stupid. And hard. Did you know that trying to write a blog everyday with nothing happening in your life is incredibly hard? Because it is.

So, my sisters and I went to a Zumba class early this morning, (and by early, I mean 10:30) and we're about half way through the hour long class, and I started feeling kind of sick. I didn't think it was much of anything, so I kept going. Then like five minutes later, I start feeling worse, so I tell my sister and she walks out of the class with me and I vomited. So we walk into the locker room area and I get really dizzy and need to sit down and whatnot. I puked again, but some nice woman helped me and gave me orange juice and I felt better. And that's the story of how I almost passed out in the middle of a class at my gym.

I'm trying to decide if there's anything else worth mentioning in this blog today. Not that that last thing was worth mentioning, really. I don't think that there's anything else. So, this is the end of day 6.

Friday, August 5, 2011

BEDA: Day five- I don't care anymore

I've registered for Pottermore three times now. I KNOW! I'M THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD! EVERYONE WILL DIE BECAUSE I TOOK THREE SPOTS IN THE EARLY REGISTRATION PROCESS. But you know what? I don't freaking care. It's just a website everyone. Sure, I was so freaking excited when the clue showed up for me the first time that I fell off my bed and tripped running to my closet to grab the second book so I could answer the question. Sure, I was shaking from excitement as I flipped through the pages of the second book trying to find the chapter where the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff (Ravenclaw?) match was canceled so I could multiply the number by 42 or whatever the number was. But that doesn't change the fact that it's just a website. I may have wanted to get in incredibly badly, and other people might have also. But if they wanted to, they would have. I don't think it matters that much. I'm not the only one who registered more than once. Kristina Horner did it. My friend Justin did it. Why does it matter that I did too? I'm sure plenty of people registered twice to get a better username or whatever.  I don't want to be the one to get everyone telling me how terrible I am because I registered more than once. Guys, it's okay. I promise. </Pottermore rant>

I'm learning how to play Accio Deathly Hallows on my guitar, because it's pretty easy and will be the first song I know. I'm also writing a lot more, not only on my blog. I think that BEDA is helping my creative juices flow more or something. Even if no one is reading, I'm not writing for people to read. I'm writing for myself. I'm pretty sure that no one in my family knows about this blog and my doing BEDA. I'm pretty sure only one of my friends knows I'm doing it, and she doesn't know what it is. But I'm having a good time doing it, and it's challenging me. And that's all that matters, right? And so ends my melancholy, slightly angry blog.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

BEDA: Day four- Oh shoot, I'm supposed to blog.

I hope I get better at this as the month goes on. Because so far, I've written a paragraph and deleted it several times. And I have no idea what to write about. So I'm going to ramble about pizza.
My sister and I ordered a couple of pizzas as part of our movie night. The nice people at wherever we ordered the pizzas from (I can't really be sure) came to our house, "knocked" on our door and then when we didn't answer they left. So apparently the pizzas that we ordered are just on their way back to the store or something. Which sucks. But whatever.
I got into Pottermore again this morning. And registered for the third time. Because I wanted a new username. So I'm now HallowStar or RuneSnitch or EchoBlade. But probably not EchoBlade. And I'm actually really excited for Pottermore. I have absolutely no idea what it'll be, but I'm sure it'll be fun. And apparently some of my friends don't know what it is, which baffles me. Especially because the one I asked about it is a really big Potter fan. I find it bizarre when people don't know things that are a big part of my life. Like nerdfighters. I don't actually have any nerdfighter friends, and it makes me sad.
I feel like that was an adequate blog for today. Maybe.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BEDA: Day three

My fingers hurt. That's what I get for trying to learn how to play the guitar. But it hurts to type this post, so I'm making it short. But I know four chords, and that's awesome. I'm jazzed about it.
So I don't actually know if anyone is reading this. Like I legitimately don't. I wonder... Meh. Even if no one reads it, I promised myself I would blog every day this month (kind of) and so I'm doing it. No matter what. I guess. Even though I don't have anything blog-like to talk about.
So, funny story. I actually only started this blog so that I could rant about how much I hated my neighbors, because my rant was too long to post as a Facebook status. And apparently, it was bad enough that I needed to talk about it somewhere, if only to myself. That was a month ago. I never thought I would use it for anything more than that, but here I am today. Blogging every day in August. While my fingers are in pain. Using only sentence fragments, apparently. If I was writing this on Microsoft Word it would totally hate me right now. 
I don't really have anything more to say today except I'm happy to be writing regularly again, even if it is only this. Now, I'm off to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Also, today is Esther day so if you're reading this, whoever you are, I appreciate you. Thank you. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BEDA: Day one but actually two-impromtu blogging

So it's day two of BEDA (Blog Every Day in August) and I'm already failing. Probably because I forgot that it was August but still, let's pretend I blogged yesterday. Is everyone okay with that? K, good.
It's going to be weird blogging every day, as it's not something I'm used to whatsoever. My life is also incredibly boring so I will have little to talk about.
I actually wasn't planning to do BEDA, but a couple of the people I watch on YouTube are doing VEDA, which is like this except vlogging, or VALA, which is Vlog A Lotta August, and since I don't vlog I thought this would be a good time to utilize my blog! And so here I am, at 9:11 PM on the second day of BEDA, writing my first blog. I'm so good at this.
And so, for lack of something to talk about, I'm going to talk about Pottermore! I registered on the second day of the weird clue thing, after staying up until probably about 3:00 in the morning. It got to a point where I was annoying the crap out of everyone I was talking to because I was so exhausted. I didn't get a very good name though. Runesnitch93 or Echoblade182. Because I was impatient to get my e-mail and so registered with two different accounts. I'm a cool one.
I don't know the appropriate length for a blog, and I also don't know the proper way to end one. So, 1 blog down, 29 to go!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

After the movie...

A mere day ago I was sitting in a theatre, watching my childhood end. I cried through the entire second half, not touching my popcorn or water. I can't believe that it's over.
Words cannot even explain how I feel right now. I'm sad and happy and so pleased with how the movie turned out. I didn't know I could feel this many things at once. I didn't know that I was capable of loving a book series as much as I love Harry Potter.
I've loved Harry Potter for as long as I can remember, and it's a shame I've only gotten involved in the fandom throughout the past year. I can remember listening to my first wrock song (And Then I Died by the Moaning Myrtles) and loving it. I can remember writing fan fiction centered mainly around Harry Potter. I can remember watching countless vlogs about the Harry Potter series. I remember the excitement I felt as I got the final book, and the terrible emptiness I felt when I finished it. I don't even know how I'm supposed to feel about the series ending. I don't even know how I feel.
There's so much I can say about this, and so much I can't even put into words. 14 years ago the Harry Potter phenomenon  began, and yesterday it ended.

But now that I think about it, it's not over. Not even close. We still have Pottermore, there are still going to be Potter cons. And if wizard rock can continue why can't the fans continue to love it? Why does it have to be over?
I wish I had been to LeakyCon. From what I've heard, it was the best Harry Potter experience. I hope to go to a Harry Potter conference at some point in my life. I hope that even though the movies are over, I can become a bigger part of the fandom. I know that Harry Potter will never end. I know that I will always love Harry Potter, and to me, that's all that matters.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My thoughts before the movie

In 8 hours and 35 minutes I will be sitting in a dark theatre ready to watch my childhood end. Well, maybe not my entire childhood, but a huge part of it. This book series is older than I am and I can't remember a time in my life before I had read it and loved it. I've read each of the books dozens of times and seen all of the movies. In 8 hours and 35 minutes, and era will end.
Like Jo Rowling said in her speech at the final premiere of all the Harry Potter movies, the books we love never really leave us. And I know that Harry Potter will never be over, really. But it's still sad to think that there will never be another book to look forward to, or another movie to dress up for. So in a sense, Harry Potter really is ending.
To many people, Harry Potter is just another series of novels for children, but there's so much more to them than that. They tell the amazing story of how friendship and love can conquer all. Not many other books do that.
So, in 8 hours and 26 minutes now, I will be preparing for life as I know it to change. I'll be preparing to watch Fred and Lupin and Tonks all die for The Boy Who Lived. I will be preparing to cry my eyes out in a movie theatre without caring what people think of me. I'll be preparing for this era to end.
The movies and books may be ending tonight, but I know that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why my neighbors and I are no longer friends

Fireworks just became legal here in Utah. Not like those little wimpy ones that screech or make light or whatever. I'm talking the shoot-up-into-the-sky-explosion type fireworks. And normally that would be awesome, but not with the neighbors I have. They have felt like it is their duty to shoot fireworks off every single night for almost a week preceding the fourth and I have no doubt that they will continue after that. Why? Because my neighbors are crazy people who also do things like have loud parties at their house late at night. They like to make it extremely difficult for anyone in their general vicinity to sleep at night. I've never really had any issues with my neighbors. In fact, I don't even know them. In my mind they have always just been people who live near me and are occasionally obnoxious. And I was fine with that. But after five nights of nonstop fireworks, I don't think that relationship can continue. So, I'm sorry people who live down the street from me. We can no longer be friends. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop shooting off fireworks. You must have spent a LOT of money to have enough fireworks to be able to shoot them off for like two hours every day. And what did you get with all that money you must have spent? Angry neighbors, that's what.

A blog? What is this nonsense?

So, if anyone is reading this, hi there. Sometimes I feel the need to ramble about my life and have recently found that there's not really a different place for me to do this. People probably won't read it, and I don't really care. I'll blog for myself and it probably won't even make a lot of sense. So again, if anyone is reading this, hi. Please don't think I'm weird or creepy. Although if you know me you probably already think those things.