Friday, October 28, 2011

Procrastination x4

You all probably know that since nothing particularly interesting has happened in my life, this post is because I'm procrastinating. Yep, I have 155 pages of the Scarlet Letter to read plus an analysis about it to write before the first, but I really don't want to do it. Why? Because I have a tumblr, and a Facebook, and this blog, and I keep getting distracted. I would much rather start watching Doctor Who. But no, I had to be myself all month and procrastinate so that I had to do all my reading at the end. Oops.

In other news, I'm incredibly socially awkward and pretty cynical. Not that I didn't know this before, of course. I just went to Greek dance last night with people who I don't know at all because I don't go to church with them. That ended up with me standing around awkwardly, not knowing what to do. And I'm also generally shy around people I don't know, so that doesn't help. I do know one girl there though, and she's sweet and was very nice to me. But she's also a year older than me and knows everyone in the group, so that was not so fun.

And now I'm watching Twilight. Not because I like it, because I actually kind of loath it, but just because it's on. This is my life. I'm awkward and weird and will do anything to not have to do my homework. Oh Kristin Stewart, why must you have no emotion? Ever. Ugh. You know, sometimes people tell me that I look like Kristin Stewart. I don't take it as a complement. I also don't believe it's true. Oh I just don't understand. "Ice doesn't really help the uncoordinated!" No really, Bella Swan? God, your only character flaw is your clumsiness, you would assume that people would know that by now. Geez. Really, Robert Pattinson, you sound like you have a stutter. You weren't that bad during Harry Potter. And why do you guys keep having the same conversation over and over again?

...Maybe it isn't good for me to be watching Twilight...
Alright, I need to read. Until next time.
xx D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I was just perusing my blog late tonight, like two minutes ago, and noticed that I had two new members! So hi guys, how's it going?

In other news, I spent my Spanish class this morning outlining the plot of my NaNo novel with my friend Kate. She gave me some awesome ideas of what to add to my novel and things, so it was nice. I'm trying a mystery/horror novel this time, even though it's something I've NEVER tried before in all of my writing history, but I'm quite excited for it.

Also today, we had a "Drug and alcohol free" assembly at school, and 28 people were chosen to not speak for the entire day. And of course by my luck, I was one of them. But I also have absolutely zero school spirit and am generally defiant, so I spoke anyway. And then was yelled at by my vice principal for it. Oops.

Something else exciting about my life is that tomorrow I get to start Greek dancing again. So that will be fun. Except I don't really know any of the kids my age... Yeah.

So tomorrow I get to take like three different benchmark tests because the state of Utah hates happiness. That was my way of saying that I need to go get some sleep. Or read some Harry Potter. Depending.

Until next time
xx D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bringing out my crazy

So today I was walking to English like a regular person, making fun of one of my friends because of his hat because that's what I do. Then, I get to the door and there are clearly people inside the classroom, but the doors locked. So, being me, I started saying things along the lines of, "Oh hey door, thanks. I didn't want to go into the classroom anyway. Whatever." I also said this things maybe a bit louder than I should of. The rant toward the door elicited responses from both the aforementioned friend and some other person who was in my class that were along the lines of, "Are you just really upset at the door or something? Is it locked?" I'm not proud of that moment, guys. I just... Ugh.

Also, because I forgot to write it down today, today was awesome because my sister took me to lunch after our orthodontist appointments:)

Quote of the day (which is a new thing I'm starting that I'll probably forget about): Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself.

Until next time
xx D

Monday, October 17, 2011

Christopher Columbus, ranting, and awesome friends

Hey, look at who's so awesome at updating their blog! Yeah, I was talking about myself. What do you mean it's been almost two weeks since I've updated? Really? Almost two weeks? Oops.
Yeah, I know. Sometime I forget that blogging is a thing I do. And when I remember, I have absolutely no motivation to write them. But this blog is probably sick and tired of me yapping about how I haven't updated, so we're moving on.

I spent tonight writing 1,320 words on a new "novel" rather than doing my homework, which means that I have a Biology assignment that I haven't completed. But I really like my new novel idea, so that's good, right?
I also spent my Journalism class listening to my friend's slightly awful history with women today. He's fifteen. I'm not sure how he has that big of a bad record with girls, but whatever. That was why today was awesome, in case you were wondering.

Speaking of the Why Today is Awesome thing, I've kept doing it since BEDA ended, albeit slightly sporadically. I have a notepad in my locker that I write my reason for today being awesome in every day after school/ rehearsal. It keeps my days bright and generally confuses anyone who looks in my locker. So that's been nice.
So, I asked my friend Gaby to tell me what to blog about, so I'm blogging about how awesome she is. She really is awesome, even if she lives in a different city than me and I never see her anymore. She's still pretty awesome. And this one time, we wrote a rap about Christopher Columbus while I was trying to write a newspaper article. And then another time she summarised the entire plot of Romeo and Juliet in a rap. That was pretty good.
Christopher Columbus friggin' sailed the blue ocean
His big white ships put the ocean in motion.
He set sail in 1492
To travel to a place that no one had ever been to.
When he arrived, all these Indians appeared
With b-b-brown skin and hands filled with spears. 
His white men gave them diseases like small pox 
They were mad so they hit them with really big rocks!

Yeah. That's how the Christopher Columbus rap went. Sort of. I just kind of did that from memory because I don't actually have a copy of it. I'm also pretty sure that there's more to it.

And finally, once upon a time I kept a "journal" for my Journalism class. It was supposed to be for memories and things, but mine is filled with midnight ramblings from this past summer. The very first page of writing is from one of the first days of summer, and it's mostly me rambling about what Hogwarts house I'd be in. I think it's funny because I immediately ruled out Hufflepuff in that, but I actually am one. I'm proud of being a Hufflepuff, actually. I think the description fits me quite nicely.

In that notebook there's also a DFTBA page where I wrote the entire lyrics to the DFTBA rap and a list of reasons that I'm a nerd, written while I was staying up to get early entry into Pottermore. I'm pretty cool.

So yeah, I'm through with blogging for the day, because I must return to my homework duties or sleep. I'll try to update a couple of times before NaNoWriMo starts, but once the month of November begins I can't promise updates. Except for when I'm procrastinating, because that seems to happen incredibly awesome.

Until next time. 
xx D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Survey thingy

So on YouTube, there's a survey made by Alex Day that's circulating. Now, I don't make YouTube videos (yet) so I'm going to do it here. No one can stop me!

1) Tell us about your first kiss.
So, being fourteen and living in the state of Utah means that i haven't had my first kiss. I feel like that's enough explanation.

2) What is the most expensive casual item of clothing you've ever bought?
I actually couldn't tell you that. Mostly because I don't know the casual clothing items that I own. Or the clothing items I own...

3) What was the first job you ever wanted as a kid?
I actually believe that I wanted to be a fairy for part of my life. I also really wanted to be a teacher. Like, I have a letter to my 25 year old self from when I was like ten or eleven asking me if I was a teacher. I also really wanted to illustrate children's books before I realised that I have absolutely no artistic talent. I definitely don't want to be any of those now (except maybe a fairy.)

4) Tell us about your group of school friends.
I have very different groups of school friends. I'm in orchestra, journalism, and a theatre nerd, so I have all of my friends from those different places, along with my regular school friends.

5) What would you name your kids?
I don't really think of child names, I think more in terms of character names. And that right there shows me how much of a writer I actually am. Yep.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

That thing right there

So, uh, look at that. It's my blog. With two posts in the month of September, the most recent being obnoxiously rant-y and from two weeks ago. Sorry about that. In my defense, my computer did break mere days after that last post and I just got it back yesterday.

But hey, here I am, back and pretty much the same as ever! Procrastinating, lame, and me, all in the month of October! w00t! ...I think I spend too much time on the internet...

I'm not so procrastinate-y today, though. I'm actually writing this AFTER having written my first ever literary analysis. Except for I think I had math homework. Lots of math homework. That I have yet to do. At 8 'o clock on the night before it's due. Maybe I am especially procrastinate-y today. Oh hey, add having extremely short sentences to that list up there.

Really, my life has been pretty boring for the past month, except for a lot of homework and seeing the Lion King in 3D. I cried. ...and now the entire internet has access to that information. Way to go, self. Way to go.
So yeah, I am still alive, I promise. Still alive with my incredibly uninteresting life and very short blog posts. I'll be back soon, internet. Pinkie promise.