Monday, October 17, 2011

Christopher Columbus, ranting, and awesome friends

Hey, look at who's so awesome at updating their blog! Yeah, I was talking about myself. What do you mean it's been almost two weeks since I've updated? Really? Almost two weeks? Oops.
Yeah, I know. Sometime I forget that blogging is a thing I do. And when I remember, I have absolutely no motivation to write them. But this blog is probably sick and tired of me yapping about how I haven't updated, so we're moving on.

I spent tonight writing 1,320 words on a new "novel" rather than doing my homework, which means that I have a Biology assignment that I haven't completed. But I really like my new novel idea, so that's good, right?
I also spent my Journalism class listening to my friend's slightly awful history with women today. He's fifteen. I'm not sure how he has that big of a bad record with girls, but whatever. That was why today was awesome, in case you were wondering.

Speaking of the Why Today is Awesome thing, I've kept doing it since BEDA ended, albeit slightly sporadically. I have a notepad in my locker that I write my reason for today being awesome in every day after school/ rehearsal. It keeps my days bright and generally confuses anyone who looks in my locker. So that's been nice.
So, I asked my friend Gaby to tell me what to blog about, so I'm blogging about how awesome she is. She really is awesome, even if she lives in a different city than me and I never see her anymore. She's still pretty awesome. And this one time, we wrote a rap about Christopher Columbus while I was trying to write a newspaper article. And then another time she summarised the entire plot of Romeo and Juliet in a rap. That was pretty good.
Christopher Columbus friggin' sailed the blue ocean
His big white ships put the ocean in motion.
He set sail in 1492
To travel to a place that no one had ever been to.
When he arrived, all these Indians appeared
With b-b-brown skin and hands filled with spears. 
His white men gave them diseases like small pox 
They were mad so they hit them with really big rocks!

Yeah. That's how the Christopher Columbus rap went. Sort of. I just kind of did that from memory because I don't actually have a copy of it. I'm also pretty sure that there's more to it.

And finally, once upon a time I kept a "journal" for my Journalism class. It was supposed to be for memories and things, but mine is filled with midnight ramblings from this past summer. The very first page of writing is from one of the first days of summer, and it's mostly me rambling about what Hogwarts house I'd be in. I think it's funny because I immediately ruled out Hufflepuff in that, but I actually am one. I'm proud of being a Hufflepuff, actually. I think the description fits me quite nicely.

In that notebook there's also a DFTBA page where I wrote the entire lyrics to the DFTBA rap and a list of reasons that I'm a nerd, written while I was staying up to get early entry into Pottermore. I'm pretty cool.

So yeah, I'm through with blogging for the day, because I must return to my homework duties or sleep. I'll try to update a couple of times before NaNoWriMo starts, but once the month of November begins I can't promise updates. Except for when I'm procrastinating, because that seems to happen incredibly awesome.

Until next time. 
xx D

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