Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bringing out my crazy

So today I was walking to English like a regular person, making fun of one of my friends because of his hat because that's what I do. Then, I get to the door and there are clearly people inside the classroom, but the doors locked. So, being me, I started saying things along the lines of, "Oh hey door, thanks. I didn't want to go into the classroom anyway. Whatever." I also said this things maybe a bit louder than I should of. The rant toward the door elicited responses from both the aforementioned friend and some other person who was in my class that were along the lines of, "Are you just really upset at the door or something? Is it locked?" I'm not proud of that moment, guys. I just... Ugh.

Also, because I forgot to write it down today, today was awesome because my sister took me to lunch after our orthodontist appointments:)

Quote of the day (which is a new thing I'm starting that I'll probably forget about): Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself.

Until next time
xx D

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