Sunday, October 2, 2011

That thing right there

So, uh, look at that. It's my blog. With two posts in the month of September, the most recent being obnoxiously rant-y and from two weeks ago. Sorry about that. In my defense, my computer did break mere days after that last post and I just got it back yesterday.

But hey, here I am, back and pretty much the same as ever! Procrastinating, lame, and me, all in the month of October! w00t! ...I think I spend too much time on the internet...

I'm not so procrastinate-y today, though. I'm actually writing this AFTER having written my first ever literary analysis. Except for I think I had math homework. Lots of math homework. That I have yet to do. At 8 'o clock on the night before it's due. Maybe I am especially procrastinate-y today. Oh hey, add having extremely short sentences to that list up there.

Really, my life has been pretty boring for the past month, except for a lot of homework and seeing the Lion King in 3D. I cried. ...and now the entire internet has access to that information. Way to go, self. Way to go.
So yeah, I am still alive, I promise. Still alive with my incredibly uninteresting life and very short blog posts. I'll be back soon, internet. Pinkie promise.

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