Thursday, August 2, 2012

BEDA 2: Why do I do this to myself

There are a lot of things that I want to talk about but I'm having this really big issue with transforming my thoughts into, like, sentences and then I say "like" and "I guess" and "you know" a lot and it's just tough. There was a train of though to this when I started two hours ago but since then I've forgotten. BEDA's off to a quality start as always. It's really weird because this August none of the blogs I follow are doing BEDA and none of the youtubers I'm watching are doing VEDA and it doesn't feel like it's August? But it really really is August and in like twenty days I'll be getting oriented for sophomore year and then right after that I'll be starting high school? I blame Erika for the whole ending sentences with question marks she does it on her blog a lot and I follow her so that happens.

It's literally three minutes to midnight right now and I know that it's not technically late if I put it up before I go to sleep but honestly I have nothing better to say right now so there's this.

Also, future Des if you're reading this, this song is real good. Or anyone else I guess. I just like the WWM people okay.

Until tomorrow where hopefully I'll say something coherent
xx D

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