Sunday, August 5, 2012

Well... DAY FIVE

I suck at this blogging thing because again it's twenty past eleven and I forgot I was supposed to do it. I just watched the first episode of Unblock the Smile Trap that I had ever seen. It was actually the third episode of it. And it was an hour long. I wasn't expecting to watch the whole thing because it was an hour long but tis so freaking funny. I started reading old BEDA's from last August to see what I talked about back then and oh man it makes me cringe trying to read those. But like the thing is, a year is a long time and a whole lot has changed since then.

A year ago I hadn't made a tumblr. I didn't know any of the people I know on the internet now. I hadn't ever written fifty thousand words on one (really, really awful) project. I hadn't read any John Green books a year ago. This was before I started dancing again, before I had ever legitimately auditioned for something. I hadn't gone through freshman year and it was before I had been a large part of creating something tangible that almost every student that went to my school possessed. A year ago I had never walked up thirteen flights of stairs in a pair of heels that was just barely too small for me because my friends wanted to. I hadn't seen most of the StarKid musicals or any of Supernatural or One Tree Hill. I hadn't ever met an author or gone to a book signing.

I can't imagine how my life was a year ago. It was just a year and that seems like it was so short, honestly, but so much has happened in this year. I've met so many fantastic people and had so many really really great experiences and it's weird thinking that if my life hadn't gone exactly the way it had, this wouldn't have ever happened. It's kinda crazy, really.

Well this blog post took a turn to a place that I hadn't expected for it. Four minutes before midnight. Good.

Until tomorrow
xx D

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