Saturday, August 11, 2012

DAY ELEVEN- Just ignore me, honestly

Okay well. AVPSY premiered at LeakyCon today. I was not at LeakyCon today. I'm actually quite butthurt about not being at LeakyCon. Everyone is meeting the people that are my biggest inspirations in life and that have, you know, changed my life completely and I'm not instead I'm sitting at home and I just watched Footloose but still. LeakyCon. Crying.

I seriously can't even talk about it I'm too sad. It's legitimately physically painful for me to think about it. I wish that I could be one of those people that is just happy for everyone who got to go but I'm not. I'm taking this as the universe's personal attack on it for doing something terrible once. I was okay with it during VidCon. I'm not okay with it now.

I actually just stopped blogging. I don't remember why, I think I just got distracted. But I have about four minutes until my battery starts to yell at me and say that I have to stop using it or it'll die, so gonna rap this up because it actually just yelled at me so now I have probably two minutes until it dies. So bad post. I don't know what you expect at this point

Until tomorrow
xx D

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