Sunday, August 21, 2011

BEDA 21: This Star Won't Go Out

I've recently become more involved, if you can say that, in the YouTube community. Within the first few months I've created my channel, commented my first comment, posted my first video, and got my first subscriber. And in that time I have watched an alarming amount of videos. From February of this year I've watched all of Charlie Mcdonnell's videos, Alex Day's videos, Kristina Horner's videos, Hayley Hoover's videos, the five awesome girl's videos, the vlogbrother's videos, played all of the Truth or Fails, and so much more. But within the past couple of weeks I've become more informed about This Star Won't Go Out. TSWGO is the foundation formed around Esther Earl. It is a non-profit foundation serving families with children diagnosed with life-threatening cancer and being treated in the Boston area. And the charity isn't what inspired me the most. Esther's story is. Esther was a sixteen year old girl with thyroid cancer who managed to still stay positive about life. She continued to make videos on the internet despite her condition. She was part of the effyeahnerdfighter tumblr. She lived her life as much as she could under the circumstances.
Esther inspires me in so many ways. I've been through a lot as my fourteen year old self, but never as much as her. And the way she just kept smiling makes me want to just keep smiling. She inspires me in a way I never thought I would be inspired by someone I've never met or talked to. She's changed me in a way I never thought anyone would be able to, let alone someone I don't know. So Rest In Awesome, Esther.

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