Monday, August 22, 2011

BEDA 22: Where I actually blog

I promised a couple of days ago to inform you of the events of that day and why I sometimes refuse to blog. And I had planned to yesterday, but I forgot all about blogging until I was on my way to bed. And I wanted to sleep more than I wanted to blog. The post I posted yesterday was something that I had written about a month ago, and hadn't posted until now, in case you were wondering.
Sometimes I open up a new post on this blog and just sit and stare. And eventually something will come out, but it is just crap. And I don't want to post something that sucks, especially because I plan to keep these posts somewhere on the internet until the internet fails me. And I don't want something I'm not proud of to mar the rest of the month of blogging.
That being said, I now move on to the events of Sunday. Saturday? I think it was Saturday. But either way, I went to a wedding that day. Not someone who I knew very well, but it was pretty and they fed me. And like all Greek parties, there was lots of dancing and it went on until the wee hours of the morning. I hadn't expected to even write a post that day, but I clearly was able to.
Now that I've completed that promise, I shall move on to the events of today. Like I've said many times, I started school today, for about the tenth time. Nothing exciting, just teachers going over classroom rules that we all already understand. But I got to see some friends for the first time in three months, so that was nice. I'm really just over school. And it's only the first day. Spectacular, right?
Well, I need to write an essay and finish watching the top 15 dances of the first 5 seasons of So You Think You Can Dance. Til tomorrow.

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