Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BEDA Day 10: What.

So every time I'm doing something, even if it's extremely far for blogging, if I haven't written my blog post for the day I immediately think, "Crap, I have to write a blog." So there's no way I'm going to forget to write a blog post. But I haven't had time or patience until now, so you get my oh crap, I'm half asleep and getting distracted by Pretty Little Liars blog today. W00t!
Before I get into my legit blog for today, I want to address one thing. I got my first follower! So thank you Kathy (that is your name, right?) for following me! Yayy!
Like I said before, I've been extremely busy today. Nothing interesting, except I did register for school and get my schedule, so that was nice. Although registering made me realize exactly why I wish I was no longer in junior high. Giggly cheerleaders running through the hall, them not letting me go to my locker because of "construction," etc. But going through this year will get me into high school, and my family insists that I'm going to love high school. So that's nice, I suppose.
Just after I finished my blog for yesterday, my sister came home with her friend and made me watch Waiting For Forever, which I ended up loving. We also watched P.S. I Love You, which is fantastic as well. So it turned into a watch depressing movies night, but it was nice because I never get to see my sister anymore. We ended up going to the grocery store between movies and got like three miniature pies and a box of egg rolls, which was probably one of the weirdest food combinations I've ever purchased. But like I said, it was a nice time, if a bit weird.
On a different note, I got my e-mail telling me that I would for sure be part of the Beta testing for Pottermore this morning. It wasn't the welcome e-mail, which sucked, but I think that one is on its way. I've been obsessively checking my e-mail waiting and waiting to get into Pottermore, but alas, no luck. I'm just really excited, although I have no freaking idea what Pottermore will entail. I know it'll be fun, though.
Recently, I've been thinking more and more about vlogging or video blogging. I think it would be something that I would be really interested in and would just be a lot of fun, but there are three things holding me back. 1) I'm absolutely terrible at editing. Seriously, Windows Movie Maker, why do you suck so much? I just can't seem to make it work, and I know that if I can't edit, my vlogs will suck. I also have no access to any editing software other than Movie Maker.
2) I don't know how to tell my parents. I'm fourteen, so I know that vlogging would be a decision I would have to include my family in, but I don't know how. My dad has no idea that I watch videos online, or even what a nerdfighter is. I'm also like 99.99% sure that he's never heard the terms "nerdfighter" or "vlog," and I'm not sure how to explain them, while making the idea of me vlogging sound good.
3) I'm afraid no one will watch. I don't want to make videos and have them just be watched by me. But this last point doesn't bother me too much. I started this blog with no one knowing that I was doing it, and now I have my first follower. I also have three whole subscribers on YouTube, so at the very least I think they'll watch.
This blog made absolutely no sense when read as one single blog. I feel like there's a word for that, but it's escaping me. So how was this for a disjointed, erratic blog? Are all of my blogs like this? I feel like all of my blogs are like this.
Until tomorrow!

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  1. Can't wait for those Pottermore welcome e-mails!