Thursday, August 18, 2011

BEDA: Day something

I have no desire to write a blog post today. None at all. But then again, I also have no desire to do anything except sit exactly where I am and watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother. Today = productive.
So, school starts for me on Monday. That's kind of exciting but not really. Maybe I'll write a blog post about that later. If I continue with this.
On that note, I'm really bored of blogging every day. I feel like it all seems so sloppy and stupid and I don't sound like I could if I didn't have to squeeze out a blog post every single day. I know I could create better things than what I'm putting out this month. And I still haven't really mentioned this to my dad. Any suggestions on how to do that? Leave them in the comments!
I have a lot of sleep to catch up on before school starts, and a lot of YouTube videos. If I don't start sleeping reasonable amounts school and I are not going to get along. So with that, I think I want to change the layout of this blog and maybe go to sleep. Yes, that train of thought made sense. No, I'm not going to explain it.
Until tomorrow, or something.

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