Monday, August 29, 2011

BEDA 29: Game night and Hufflepuffs

Today is awesome because I got into Pottermore. And I had dinosaur chicken nuggets. It's been an awesome day.

Like I said, I was let into Pottermore today as a nice surprise when I got home from school. After much anticipation and nerves and weirdness, I finally got myself sorted. And to my surprise, it was into Hufflepuff. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hufflepuff. In fact, I think it's the least appreciated and most made fun of house. So being sorted in there surprised me. I've considered myself a Ravenclaw for as long as I can remember. But you know what? JK Rowling sorted me into a Hogwarts house. I'm happy.

Pottermore definitely wasn't what I expected, though. I don't know what I thought, but I like it a lot. I get to experience every chapter of the story of Harry Potter first hand. Like, looking into Number Four Privet Drive, or experiencing the Hut on the Rock. It's kind of incredibly amazing, and I love it.

My wand is 10 inches, Sycamore with a Unicorn tail core and it is surprisingly swishy. I'm not sure in the slightest what kind of magic it's good for, but it's all mine and I love it. That's how I feel about Pottermore. I don't care that my wand isn't pretty, I don't care that I was sorted into a different house than I expected. I'm a wizard, guys. I love it.

Now onto the part of this post I was planning on writing...

Last night my family had a kind of "game night." Really, it consisted of my three sisters, the boyfriend of one of those sisters, my father, and myself playing Cranium. I was on a team with my dad, and despite me being an awful blind drawer, we won. Somehow I was an unusually good roller, and so we just hopped from brain to brain on the board until we were at the end. It's always nice to win, although the one game round took an hour and a half.

I ended up only playing that one round of Cranium for game night, because I had an early school morning this morning and the round ended at like eleven. I fell asleep that night, however, listening to the thunderstorm outside my window and the sound of people playing Scattergories outside my door.

All in all, yesterday was a good day. And today was also. I'm pretty pleased with life right now.

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