Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today is awesome because my sister made mint chocolate brownies, and they are delicious. Also, I somehow convinced my newspaper teacher to write an article for this months edition about vlogging.

I'm really literally writing this blog while eating a quesadilla and translating Spanish verbs. That's the amount of procrastination I've had happening today. Turns out it's really hard to eat and type at the same time. Hm. You would think that it would be easier.

My audition is tomorrow, for Beauty and the Beast, and I'm pretty nervous. I'm kind of an awful singer, but I'm excited and it will be fun. I feel like I've said this exact same sentence a thousand ways in the past month. Oh well.

Now comes the part of the blog where I share REAL quotes from REAL people on Facebook. REALLY.
"Politics are stupid." Oh really? Are politics stupid? Well hey, why don't you come up with a new way for us to choose our leaders and then get back to me.
"It's raining!!" Is it? Is it raining? Thanks for the update.
"I hate seventh and eighth graders." That's funny, because by my last check, you've been both of those.  
"Hm. You would think that eating, typing and doing Spanish homework all at the same time would be easier than it is..."
Yeah fine. Maybe that last one was me.
And so ends the part of the blog where I steal ideas from Hayley G Hoover's videos and slightly change them!

Also, speaking of things happening tomorrow, (which I did, I promise. It's just up there!) it's the last day of this wonderful think that could be called BEDA. I don't really have anything planned for the last post of my first ever BEDA, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. And if all else fails, I'll just share the stupid things people on my Facebook say.

I've started spilling the water I'm drinking on myself, and I feel like that means I'm no longer coherent enough to blog. So until tomorrow.

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