Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BEDA 10: Choir Festival

Alternate title: In which Desi is really freaking creepy about cute boys

Today was awesome for a lot of reasons. This post is going to outline those reasons.

Today was festival for the choir I'm in. Basically a bunch of schools from the district get together and we all sing songs and get rated and whatnot. And it was a lot of fun. My school did really well and I got to hang out with my friends and it was really cool.

I had to get all fancy in the morning and then didn't have to go to class at all. I got to have nice conversations with my best friend and felt like I was a part of something. Then we got to like hang out at the mall for an hour and just eat and chill and have fun.

Also, there were really cute guys in the choir of the school that we traveled to so me and two of my friends sat there creeping and swooning at these boys that were singing. Did I mention that I really like boys who can sing? Or something to that effect. Also there was one boy who played the saxophone and then sang and it turns out he knows a bunch of my friends which is weird.

Oh I also saw a friend of mine from elementary school who I literally haven't talked to in three years and that was nice because she's really great. And I don't know the appropriate way tot talk to people. Like really. Also I think that I tend to scare people.

Here's a sidestory: Yesterday me and the aforementioned best friend were standing in the back of our math class because my desk is in the back of the classroom and we were like right next to the intercom and suddenly someone starts announcing something and she freaked out because it scared her and then was all, "Yes God?" and we both started laughing slightly hysterically and then our math teacher walked in and she already thinks that we're crazy and she gave us that look that people give you when you're doing something questionable and through my laughter I said, "She got scared by the intercom," and my teacher just walked away without saying a word. That's why I tend to scare people. End sidestory. End post.

Until tomorrow
xx D

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