Saturday, April 28, 2012

BEDA 28: Interesting

Today is awesome because I saw an old friend for the first time in ages.

It's eleven 'o clock right now. Like at night. And for once, I have good reason for not having blogged earlier. I was kidnapped. Not like the creepy stalker way, you see, just like my friends showed up at my house without notice and took me and made me do things with them. And it was a lot of fun, so I don't apologise for not having blogged.

It was a nice day and I made my friends watch John Green's half of Crash Course and it was just fun. Because that's a thing that we do when we're together, I guess. Also, I picked up a ukulele and learned like eight chords so now I know like eight ukulele chords, but I don't own a ukulele.

After all of that happened my friends had me go to a church dance with them and they said it was fancy but it really wasn't and I was forced to slow dance with people. But it was okay, because I danced with friends and it was awkward but in a fun kind of way. And then I danced with a guy who I kind of like because they like, made all of the girls put their shoes in the middle and a guy chose one and danced with the girl who belonged to the shoe. I'm trying not to read too much into it, but who else would wear bright green flip flops to a dance?

All in all, it was just a really nice day today and I really like nice days. I don't get them very often. But one of my friends doesn't think John Green is funny. So that was less than nice. But now it's almost midnight and if I don't publish this that isn't great.

Until tomorrow
xx D

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