Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BEDA 25: VidCon and School and Laptops... Oh my!

Today is awesome because I FINALLY GOT MY LAPTOP BACK.

This thing has been gone for over eight weeks and it's weird because I've been using one that's old and slow and really small but now I have this lovely piece of crap back and I'm just so happy.

I think I'm out of that weird funk finally. Or at least, almost. There are VidCon contests happening and one of them is to design a t-shirt design and I have an idea that I really really like and even though I know that winning probably won't be something that will happen to me, I think this might make me want to create things again. I really like creating, even if I'm crap at art and have no ideas for writing. Whatever, I'm going to do it. I'm determined to make it through this unmotivated creative slump to the other side.

Another upside to having my laptop back? I can watch Netflix on a screen that's larger than my hand. W00t. I just really like having the ability to right click again. Also, I finished my homework for tonight already and it's hardly eight thirty but I didn't finish it from two days ago because I wasn't in class when we had to turn that in and I'm a slacker. But it's midterms and I have two A-'s and normally I wouldn't be pleased with that but I've been working myself so hard all year and I deserve to not care that much about my grades. Plus, I'm either going to ace the standardized tests at the end of the year or fail them, so the grade I have right now doesn't matter because my grade is counting on those tests. Did I mention how nervous I am for those tests? I'm okay.

So, I missed math two days ago because the band and orchestra had to walk over to the elementary school to play for the children and so the last song we played was the Pirates of the Caribbean theme and there was this gong that was behind the orchestra and in front of the band. So these kids in the band bring this little six year old boy up to hit the gong and start the song. Now, the band knew that the song was going to start there, but the orchestra didn't, so the kid hits the gong and the band starts playing but we're all just standing there, like four measures behind because we didn't know it was going to start. My orchestra teacher really is great.

Well that's all for today, I still have to finish that math assignment.
Until tomorrow
xx D

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