Saturday, April 14, 2012

BEDA 14: Things that make me happy

Today is awesome because I got to be lazy and sit around and watch bad movies.

So this is a sort of response to's VEDA 12 video. I actually was going to make a video but then I couldn't find my camera and realized, hey, I need something to blog about. So this is a portion of an ever growing list of things that make me happy.

Reading a good book for the first time
Reading a good book for the second time
Watching One Tree Hill
Good friends
Summer rainstorms
The fort I built in my room
Harry Potter
Really bad movies
Really good movies
Leaving my window open at night when it's warm
Christmas lights
Holidays with my family
Understanding a concept after struggling with it for a while
Finally getting a really hard part in a piece of music
Watching YouTube videos
Playing music
When people seem genuinely interested in me
Being called pretty
Listening to music
The Vlogbrothers
My kitty
Poop jokes
Henna tattoos
The Hunger Games

Until tomorrow
xx D

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