Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BEDA 17: Future

Today is awesome because I got someone to agree to let me interview them for an English project.

An actual thing that was just said on Glee was, "I could see it in your face." Now, I'm no quotation expert, but I don't think that's right.

So the counselors at my school are making all the ninth graders do a "Real World Interview" where we have to interview someone in a profession we're interested. Because it's totally reasonable to make ninth graders put that much thought in our future. Right? Well, I got one of the SparkLife writers to agree to let me interview her, and I think that's a good fit for me. Writing, I mean.

I'm pretty sure the theme of this week's Glee episode should've just been "Everybody sings in a falsetto." That was a good choice, writers, really. Way to go.

Hey, one time today my English teacher chose to spend too long telling us about what decisions we should make with our lives. She does that too often for it to be reasonable in any respect. But I just have to deal with it for six and a half more weeks. I'm counting.

Until tomorrow
xx D

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