Friday, April 6, 2012

BEDA 6: On television

Today is awesome because I got a really cute new dress.

Disclaimer: I'm really emotional about television.

My sister got Netflix last month and gave me her password, and now I just sit and watch television on my teeny tiny iPod for hours at a time because my computer that I can use for stuff like that has been getting fixed for six weeks. Not the point.

The first thing I did when my sister got Netflix was rewatch Greek. I had watched it around the time that it was just ending on ABC Family and it's just so brilliant and witty and adorable that I wanted to watch it again. It's definitely one of those shows that I will be able to watch over and over again, and I'm not going to lie: I cried at the series finale. It was so amazingly executed and heartbreaking and I loved it so much. That's not the point either.

A few weeks ago I started watching One Tree Hill. I had watched it occasionally with the aforementioned sister and was watching the final season of it, but I hadn't watched any of it until that point. One Tree Hill is marketed as a kind of teenage soap opera, but it's really more than that. These kids, they're just trying to get through life unscathed. It's really relatable in a weird way. Like, these people are star basketball players and cheerleaders and tutors and their married or touring with a band or running a freaking all ages night for a freaking club. They're so amazing but still just teenagers. It's really hard for me to articulate how I feel about stuff like this because I have a hard time realizing how I feel about stuff like this. I don't know.

Wednesday was the series finale of One Tree Hill. I'm only like two seasons into the nine season show, so I wasn't planning on watching it even though I had seen most of the ninth season. My sister kind of bullied me into watching it and by that I mean that she promised me she would feed me if I watched it with her. So I did. And this show that is wonderful and great had just a really lukewarm ending. . They advertised that a bunch of old characters would come back and then it was like... Bevin. Not that really got me. It just didn't seem like an appropriate ending for a show that great. And then Haley was all, "There's only one Tree Hill, Jamie Scott. And it's your home." And I couldn't decide whether I wanted to cry or laugh. It was one of those moments, but it lasted the entire episode. Except Chris Keller is hilarious and I love him. He had like all of the best one-liners in the entire history of dramadies and I just wanted to laugh every time he was on screen. The best.

So I get really attached to television shows. I'm going to continue watching through One Tree Hill because I love it and I want to be them or have a friend like Lucas Scott. And this blog won't stop hearing about it.

Until tomorrow
xx D

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