Sunday, April 8, 2012

BEDA 8: On memories

Today is awesome because I have clean clothes.

All around the mirror over my desk in my room I have things tacked up: Little art things I've done in and out of school (Including an awesome Hogwarts crest,) stories my friend Miranda wrote me when I was sad or she was bored, a valentine from my friend Rachel in eighth grade, a paper that another friend gave to me during NaNoWriMo that simply says, "Losing is not an option. You CAN do it," little things reminding me of camp. These are all little things that people would look at and be confused, but that mean a lot to me. I like it better that way; these memories are mine and belong to me and those who I shared them with.

My experiences are what have shaped me as a person and I like memories because they remind me of those experiences. There are some that I wouldn't share to save my life and some that I like to tell people. I guess that's true for most people. I mean, some people like to live as an open book with everyone knowing everything about them, whereas I prefer to not talk about myself. I don't know, I feel like sharing my memories is like sharing myself and just... Hm.

I like memories. They're interesting. I don't remember a lot of things about my childhood, so I have learned to force myself to remember things now, be it taping stuff to my wall or blogging. That's why I blog and tumbl I guess. It's also why I like being a part of creating yearbooks. I like helping people preserve those memories in some way.

I started this post because I was cleaning out my room and started taping stuff to my wall and now look where it's gotten me.

Until tomorrow
xx D

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