Friday, April 20, 2012

BEDA 20: I apologize for this

Today is awesome because Friday.

Almost 11:00 PM. Got distracted by One Tree Hill, computer died, forgot to blog. Good job, Desi, you're really rocking this whole BEDA crap. So anyway, Friday. Haven't watched HMB yet, but I'm still a Hufflepuff on Pottermore. Just because everyone who wasn't BETA is really excited about it, and I'm just still a Hufflepuff. Still not sure I see it.

This blog post was a thing I started twenty minutes ago. I got that far and got distracted. Now it's actually 11:00. That's nice. I get to go to a wedding tomorrow. That means that I may not post on le blog. Or if I do it will be at a decent hour. This right here is quality, man. Quality.

So, uh, I accidentally just closed this tab, so maybe I should be blogging right now. Hm. Probably not. I really like Harry Potter. And rainbows.

I apologize for this.
Until tomorrow
xx D

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